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LYNP is a construction and project management company with located in both Sunshine Coast, Australia. Until September 2017 still worked also in Brazil 

With over 30 years experience in the domestic, commercial  and industrial building industry we offer a full range of services that can assist you from concept to completion, including interior and exterior design, planning, architecture, and construction.

LYNP is multidisciplinary organisation, bringing together the right team to achieve the most innovative, successful and lasting results using the most effective tools available.

Mission & Values

At our company we aim to achieve our clients’ highest aspirations, whether they be for a domestic dwelling, commercial premises or high rise construction.

We do this by addressing all design requirements, building usage, environment impact, human health, productivity and organizational effectiveness.

LYNP operates in commercial, corporate , public, industrial and residential segments and we use our diverse experience to deliver the right solutions, in a timely and cost effective manner and we take pride in ensuring long term satisfaction for our clients



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